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  By not using your wood burning appliance correctly, you could be spending more money than you need too, You could be damaging you appliance or increasing the risk of a chimney fire and finally increasing the pollution and therefore damaging the environment.  


Stove / Wood Burners 

Wood needs to be properly seasoned and have no more than 20% moisture. 

Open Fires 

Open fires burn fuel at a much lower temperature than a correctly operated stove. If using wood, it should dry seasoned wood and the logs should not be too big in size. 

Storing and Drying your Wood 

Wood should be stored outside, preferably stacked and under a roof structure, but with open sides so that the air can get to it. It usually takes between 6 - 12 months for the logs to season correctly, but the best way to check the moisture content is with a moisture meter. 


Our chimney presented John with the challenge of many years of accumulated soot and tar. His treatment and sweeping has been through and comprehensive with the satisfactory removal of many kilos of debris. All conducted with efficiency and good humour. 

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