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 Magma Firestop for Thatch  Protect your thatch from the major cause of fires; ejected embers and chimney fires, as thatch fires are notoriously difficult to put out.   


SG-2H External Thatch Protection 
IMW 436 Internal Thatch Protection  


External and/or internal spray coating 
By trained and certified sprayers 

What It Does? 

Protects against sparks and embers - the main proven cause of thatch fires. 
Suitable for new or existing thatch 
Dries and cures within a few hours 

Quality Products 

Top rating; 'A' Under BS476 Part III for reducing the spread of flame 
Tested and proven worldwide 
Environmentally safe 
Manufactured by a well-established (over 20 years) international company which specialises in fire retardent products. 
Manufacture process is ISO certified 
No detrimental effect on the thatched roof 
No toxic elements 
Safe to handle 

What It Gives? 

Cost effective fire prevention 
Peace of mind 
Guaranteed protection for 3 years 
Potential for insurance premium reduction 


Usually required after 5 years 
Or any major renovations to the thatch 

Requirements Prior to Spraying  

A dry roof on a dry day 
Preferably a newly maintained (or newly replaced) thatched roof. 
Access to electricity and water if possible 

What I Will Provide  

Specialist spraying equipment 
A Treatment Certificate after application and payment. 

Watch the video below to see how fire retardent spray can protect your thatch. 

  Magma Firestop for Wood 

TG-3 Wood Protection 
Can be applied by spray or impregnation method to achieve fire protection. 
Contact us for details on appropriate wood types for treatment 


Our chimney presented John with the challenge of many years of accumulated soot and tar. His treatment and sweeping has been through and comprehensive with the satisfactory removal of many kilos of debris. All conducted with efficiency and good humour. 

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