John Read Chimney Sweep offers a full professional chimney sweeping service.

John’s services cover the following main service areas:

Chimney Sweeping On arrival at your premises John will check to make sure that the fire place is cool enough to work on. If so he’ll clear an area around the fire place for his equipment. To prevent soot entering the room the fire place is blocked off with foam blocks. Then the sweeping process starts. As the brush progresses up the chimney, soot that is stuck to the side of the chimney comes loose and drops into the fire place. The brush is then withdrawn from the chimney and the foam block removed. The soot from the fire place is then vacuumed up and disposed of in your land fill waste bin.
Open Fire The same service as a chimney sweep service, but additionaly the grate and fire bricks will be removed from the fire place before sweeping.
Flue Sweeping On arrival at your premises John will check to make sure that the stove or range has cooled down sufficiently for him to work on. If it is he’ll clear an area around the stove/range for his equipment. Fire bricks and grates are removed from the inside of the stove. The throat plate to the stove has to be removed. Then brushes are pushed up the flue to clean it, any soot or debris drops dow into the stove or range. The fire grate of the stove or range is vaccumed clean and all the fire brick and grates placed back into the range or stove.
Wood Burning Stove The service of a wood burning stove is similar to a flue sweep as described above.
Cooking Ranges: AGA/Ray Burn The process for servicing a Cooking range is the same as for a flue sweep.
Cre-Away – creosote/tar build up removal from chimneys Cre-Away is a four component powder that safely and effectively modifies glazed or third-degree creosote so that it can be more easily removed by chimney sweeping … more >
Bird Nest & Obstruction Removal If a bird nest is found to be blocking your chimney while John is sweeping it he’ll use a range of specialist attachments that replace the brush at the end of the rods to snag and breakup the bird’s nest. Once the bird’s nest is clear he can continue the chimney brushing process.
Smoke Draw Test After sweeping the chimney a cake of smoke producing material is set alight to in the fire place, range or stove. If the chimney is working correctly a plume of smoke will be visible coming out of the chimney pot.
Chimney Cowl fitting John can replace damaged and corroded chimney cowls using all the correct safety ladders and fall arrest equipment.

John provides a clean and prompt service, is fully insured and can supply insurance certificates for all work undertaken. He will also inspect your appliances for the potential of any future safety issues or problems.

John Read also offers an on-going support and reminder service so you shouldn’t miss your next routine sweep.

To book John Read’s services or discuss your requirements
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